Useful Info

Renew Estates is a privately owned property agent specialising in real estate,renovation and property management in Northern Cyprus.

Renew Estates are a well respected busıness with professional business ethics.Specialising in the provision of appraisals, project management, due diligence and solutions, Renew Estates is fast becoming a sought after consultancy for new and old business ventures , either already operating in or are ‘NEWCOMERS’ to Northern Cyprus.

Renew Estates is fast building an impressive reputation for service excellence and outstanding results, working in close partnership with its customers.

Take the right steps for the right investments with the Renew Estates

While investing in Northern Cyprus be it in real estate, tourism, health sector, retirement planning or any other sectors, risks that might lead to failures can be eliminated by a series of processes handled by patience and with the help of Renew Estates Consultancy.


Renew Estaes

  • Global Marketing
  • Company formation
  • Design Management
  • Architectural Planning and Management
  • Real Estate Evaluation
  • Due Diligences
  • Financial Planning
  • Appraisal, survey and budget management
  • Direct and indirect cost analysis
  • Preparation of project masterplan, “investor’s 
  • Feasibility study
  • Investment planning and budgeting
  • Supervision and Project Management Services